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A Remarkable Recovery Story in Abilene, Texas

Dr Paul McDonough MD

Practicing in Abilene, Texas, Paul W. McDonough, MD, offers patients minimally invasive surgery of the spine. Dr. Paul W. McDonough has been featured in a number of newspaper articles in his local community, including a 2011 piece in the Abilene Reporter-News about a Ballinger woman who achieved a remarkable recovery following an assault by her husband that left her neck broken.

After deciding to end their relationship, Mary Jones was attacked by her husband and then trapped in a home at knifepoint for four days. When her husband realized the severity of her injury, he refused to let her receive medical help, instead attempting suicide and threatening to kill them both.

Ms. Jones finally convinced her husband to call an ambulance and was treated in the emergency room by Dr. McDonough for rhabdomyolysis, dehydration, and an upper-neck C-fracture dislocation. Unfortunately, given the length of time since the latter injury, the physician did not see a prognosis of meaningful improvement and undertook surgery focused on removing pressure from and stabilizing the spine.

Against all odds, Ms. Jones recovered through surgery and a regular regimen of physical therapy, to a point where she was able to move her feet and control movement of her fingers. She ultimately was able to walk within her neighborhood significant distances under her own power.

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